Are you a native speaker of any major Philippine language? You can help us by translating English words in different lingua francae of the country. Mabuhay!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


IBANAG: dalan
ILOKANO: dalan

-CENTRAL: tinámpo, dalan
-WARAY: dalan
-CEBUANO: dalan
-TAUSUG: dan

MARANAO: lalan


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eLf ideas said...

I think this site would be more reader-friendly if the words are arranged in particular classification. Like for instance, you may arrange the words according to parts of speech--that is, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, etc.

Or, it could also be arranged according to type--

like body parts: liver ('atay'), heart ('puso'), intestines ('bituka'), gall bladder ('apdo'), etc.;

color: red ('pula'), blue ('asul' or 'bughaw'), green ('berde' or 'lunti' or 'luntian'), etc;

shape: circle (bilog), square ('kuwadrado' or 'parisukat'), oval or oblong ('biluhaba), triangle ('tatsulok'), etc;

behavioral characteristics: kind ('mabait'), generous ('mapagbigay'), beautiful ('maganda'), pretty ('marikit'), greedy, usually in food context ('matakaw'), greedy, in non-food context ('madamot').

(Note: In my examples, I used the format--English ('Filipino' translation).

I could give you more traslations. I'll try to work on this.

Just Another Woman said...

Thank you very much for sharing your translations. It really helps me with my son's homework. I'm not a Tagalog native speaker myself. I do have a question, I read somewhere in the net that:

oblong - taluhaba
oval - habilog

Is this correct? I'm pretty convinced with biluhaba but I just want to make sure.

Anonymous said...

Correction, MASBATENYO are the people who lives in MASBATE.... and the dialect we used is MINASBATE....

And also, ROAD is not DALAN..
the road in manasbate dialect is; "KAMINO"

Floyd said...

Kapampangan for SLEEPY is "Mipapatundu"

french translation services said...

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Anonymous said...

English : Road
Akeanon: Daean

Akeanon language is from Aklan much different from other visaya language..

Unknown said...

Ano pangalan mo, pls translate..thank you

Unknown said...

Pls translate the meaning of what is your name in.language of ibanag,boholano,waray, maranao and tausog.thank you

Unknown said...

And also good morning and counting numbers 1-5 in wika dialekto..please help my daughter asigment in A.P.thank you.

Unknown said...

Hindi po minasbate kc po in masbate we have dfrnt dialect like cebuano. Dalan is correct kc my iilang bayan na dalan ang tawag.